The Photography of Joshua Soper |
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My philosophy and style

Describing my entire process is certainly beyond the scope of a website, and something I prefer to discuss more in-depth in person.  There are many elements, creative and technical, that comprise my photography.  Ultimately my work is not defined in one style but rather many different styles.  There are always four key components that influence every photo I take:


 Light is the medium in which the photographer paints.  Dramatic, subtle, soft, or strong, light sets the tone.  I am always looking for and creating light that will produce impactful images


Color is key to expression.  Vibrant color provides vitality while lack of color can impart a sense of timelessness.  I love bold color that is striking and makes an image stand apart.


Texture enhances the feel and appearance of the image.  I use texture to add visual interest to my images without distracting from the subject.


The relationship between photographer and client is the most influential element in my art.  It dictates posing, composition, and overall tone of the imagery.

My work & portfolio

For your consideration I have on display a selection of images from various sessions and events I have been fortunate enough to photograph.  While certainly not the entirety of my work I feel this accurately represents the style and creativity my clients have come to expect.  Enjoy!

services & pricing

Listed below is pricing for the basic, entry level, packages I offer.  That is the minimum you can expect to pay for said service. Pricing can vary widely depending on the project.  For more specific pricing please feel free to contact me with more details.

  • Senior

  • $200.00
  • Portrait

  • $250.00
  • Wedding

  • $1900.00
  • Commission

  • $???